2008, September / ARD Erlebnis Erde

Wildes Skandinavien Schweden

(Sequence, 2008)
Production: Gulo Film, Hamburg
Director & script: Oliver Goetzl
NDR Expeditionen ins Tierreich
My job: sequence work
Sarek National Park, located in the province Lapland in northern Sweden is actually Europe´s first national park, created in 1909. And it is still a true wilderness with a complete lack of marked trails or accomodations. I will never forget our hike down from top of Nammatj mountain where we had captured the time lapse that became later the title trailer of Wild Scandinavia, broadcasted 2011 on German first television, ARD.  I was accompanied by photographer Peter Cairnes and wildlife cameraman Rolf Steinmann who also took that fantastic photograph of me filming before sunsrise. On our climb down our bags were packed with about 500 kilos of camera gear and outdoor equipment. The terrain was steep and covered with huge rocks...no way to to carry all that stuff in one go. It really took us to our limits. Thank you Rolf, for your commitment and introducing me to the magic of northern wilderness.